I was introduced to leather dyes while studying design binding. I fell in love immediately. It was like a gateway medium; I was suddenly able to combine my background in illustration and surface design with the craft of bookbinding. It provides a certain amount of freedom when it comes to the design process and I often use my prepared pieces of leather like a canvas. 

These collaborations have allowed me to take a side step away from the book form. They have all presented me with various challenges but they have given me an opportunity to hone my hand skills and to flex my creative muscles.

I love a collaboration; the unity of two craftspeople coming to the table with the best of their skills and producing something unique.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some fabulous artisans over the last few years, each piece different and exciting. My part within these collaborations involves my experience with leather dyeing and leather work, utilising various techniques depending on the project.

Porterhouse Design


Karen Buswell Handbag


Smith & Torok Guncases

isabella mars