Workshops, Courses, Tuition and Bench Rental.

One of the reasons why I fell in love with the craft of bookbinding is because you never stop learning. From Book & Paper Conservation to Book Arts is a huge arc under which lies a multitude of subjects, techniques and skills. Black Fox Bindery offers a variety of teaching resources from taster courses to intensive, from one day to long-term. 

The bindery is fully equipped with presses, hot foil blocking machines, paring machines, tools and materials. There is enough space to accommodate 5 students comfortably at any one time and is fully insured.

Over the previous years Black Fox has hosted a selection of successful workshops, covering a variety of subjects and techniques. Although these haven’t followed an annual schedule I am more than happy to organise different courses throughout the year when time allows and I am very happy to take requests.

Black Fox Bindery also plays host to guest binders or makers who may not have space of their own to teach. This is a great opportunity for all involved; I get to see a new teaching approach, my students have access to different techniques and the guest gets paid to pass on their skills.

Workshop dates and costs will vary but I endeavour to give as much notice as possible of all upcoming events. Please join the Black Fox mailing list and do let me know of potential skill areas you would be interested in being covered.

One to one tuition has been invaluable to my personal progress in bookbinding and I emphasise the importance of it for focussed skill and technique development. You may have a certain amount of bookbinding experience but may feel that there is room for improvement or you could be a total beginner wishing for concentrated time within a bindery.  I can offer one to one tuition tailored to your needs.

I can provide tuition on a daily basis or as part of a structured longer term course. Costs are £150 a day, with working hours usually from 10am to 5pm with an hour for lunch.

For further information regarding one to one tuition please contact me at:

The Black Fox Bench Rental service is provided for those who are fed up of practising bookbinding on their kitchen worktops and lacking the equipment that they need.

It is an opportunity to come into a fully equipped bindery to work on personal projects whether it be a job, competition piece or a gift for example. The cost of this service is £55 a day which includes access to the equipment, presses, tools and a little guidance from me if needed.

Terms and conditions

  • The fees are to be made payable at least 3 weeks in advance of the workshop date. This payment will secure your place. Details of how to pay via bank transfer/cheque will be emailed to each participant/student on application.

  • Cancellation Policy – for cancellations received more than two weeks prior to the workshop date, 50% will be refunded. Cancellations received after that period cannot be refunded unless under exceptional circumstances. If the host or guest tutor of the workshop cancels, a refund minus 10% administration fee will be returned. 

  • A detailed list of instructions regarding the workshop and venue will be emailed to participants/students nearer the time of the workshop, including a tool list.

  • The participant/student shall be responsible for making adequate arrangements to insure against any third party claims, which may lay against the participant/student or his/her organisation whilst using the premises.

  • The participant/student shall be responsible for the observance of all health and safety regulations and procedures as explained to them by the host or guest tutor.

  • It is the responsibility of each participant/student to inform the host/guest tutor of any medical condition or allergies in advance of the workshop.

  • For those needing accommodation, links to local B&Bs, AirBnBs and hotels can be emailed upon request. Accommodation booking is the responsibility of the participant/student. Black Fox Bindery does not have any partnership or particularly endorse any accommodation suggested.