Black Fox Bindery Boxes


Boxes are marvellous things, aren't they? They offer a multitude of uses, all of which I have condensed down into P.P.S (Protection, Presentation and Storage).

I have been working alongside libraries and archives for a while now - quite often they will have a book that needs a fair bit if conservation work but their budget doesn't always allow for this to go ahead - they usually have to wait for a sponsor or a donation. The next best thing is for them to have a bespoke made box. All of the materials I use for these boxes are acid free and archival grade. This allows for the book(s) to be protected to prevent further damage and kept safe until funds are raised for the conservation work. 

Collectors and dealers often use this bespoke making service for their rare books and first editions. Quite often plastic wrapping is used to protect the delicate dust jacket or the paper covers. This isn't sufficient. Boxes can prevent over handling in transit and they help prevent dust and impurities getting into the pages.  

The presentation box - often needed for degree shows and job interviews for when a bit of "jazz hands" is required to present a body of work. I work alongside artists, photographers and designers to create a enclosure that will best compliment their pieces. 


I have had a lot of fun creating storage boxes for clients. Quite often just a simple drop back box is needed to house items like magazines, graphic novels, music sheets, scripts and comic collections. The spines of the boxes are labelled and titled and are handsome and tidy on the shelves. 

Boxes can be made to look like books to disguise their contents such as portable hard drives, USB sticks, passports and credit cards. They can also be created to store photographs of holidays, birthdays and events.

the noble game of elephant and castle

barcelona & birthday boxes

nupe box