Isabella Mars collaborating with Blackfox Bindery

isabella mars

Isabella Mars established her brand in 2011, after previously working as a Fashion Designer in the clothing industry and also as a Bespoke Shoe Maker & Designer.

She creates unique, bespoke handmade shoes, drawing her inspiration from the circus to glam rock.

Being an Aerialist herself and experiencing the need of protection-wear first hand she also makes Aerial Boots, which are used in any kind of aerial training and also by professional Aerialists/Circus Performers as part of their costume.

She’s always interested in different patterns on leather but seeing as it is difficult to find the right material for the work, she creates her own designs for her shoes and aerial boots, such as ‘cartoon’ polka-dots, diamonds and star patterns. 

With this in mind she was fascinated by the leather dyeing techniques that Black Fox Bindery uses and was excited to join forces in a collaboration creating some Aerial Boots. These boots showcase perfectly the combination of craftsmanship and an unusual leather dyeing technique.