Shakespeare Miniature Volume VI

Shakespeare Miniature Volume VI
King Henry VI, part 3
King Richard III
King Henry VIII
Troilus & Cressida
83 x 49 x 18mm
Bound 2011
Collection of Neale and Margaret Albert

Bound in fair goatskin and dyed with various leather dyes. Gold lame onlays and foil tooling. Dyed goatskin leather joints. Hand sewn silk headbands. Red acrylic wash and gold leaf on the edges of the text block. Printed paper for the endpapers and edge to edge doublures.

This volume includes four of Shakespeare’s works. In studying each of them, I noted their common themes: royalty, bloodshed, power, corruption and greed. I wanted to create an intensity, marrying all of these themes by applying layers of red dye and splattering a darker red on the surface to illustrate a sense of violence. The small gold leather onlays with the gold foil dots symbolise royalty or the crown. The endpapers and doublures have a repeated pattern of a stiletto dagger.