Their Book of Toys from India by Bert & Molly Eastman

Their Book of Toys from India

Their Book of Toys from India by Bert & Molly Eastman
Incline Press 2002
245 x 173 x 17 mm
Bound 2014

Ultra flat back binding structure in full, fair calf. The leather was decorated using the craquelle technique using a yellow spirit dye. 24 square onlays cover the front and back boards – 16 of which also have the craquelle technique, in various colours, with a traditional Indian wood block pattern blocked in foil over the top. Leather joints and foil tooled leather headbands. 

The endpapers and doublures have been made with layers of tissue and then distressed with sandpaper. The same wooden block used for the onlays was then used to print the endpapers using oil based ink and then lightly dusted with gold printing powder. Top edge has been washed with a yellow acrylic and foil tooled. 

It has been housed in a drop back box, bound with yellow book cloth and lined with bright pink dress satin. The title has been blocked in gold foil on the spine of the box. 

A lot of the old Indian toys I researched were once bright, colourful and covered with quirky, repetitive patterns as well as once having had gold on them. Now they are just chipped and distressed. This was the overall effect that I wanted with this book.

I also wanted to incorporate a look similar to sari and batik fabric. The craquelle technique and the distressed layers of tissue combined worked well to achieve this.