The Humorists by Thomas Shadwell

The Humorists

The Humorists by Thomas Shadwell, 1670
Publisher’s device designed and drawn by Trevor Jones and Lydia Fitzpatrick
Laurel House Press 1975
Limited edition of 639. Copy not numbered.
286 x 222 x 23mm
Bound 2013
Sold. Private Collection.

Sewn with an unsupported link stitch with secondary sewing and has a Fraynot hinge board attachment. The binding cover has been bound with 2 pieces of goatskin which have been scarf jointed. The top piece of leather has been dyed and painted with powder and spirit dyes and decorated with foil tooling and feathered Chieftan leather onlays.

The lower piece of leather has been dyed using the craquelle technique and then decorated with feathered onlays and foil tooling. The endpapers and edge-to-edge doublures have been painted with concentrated watercolour inks.

Leather joints. Deckled edges. Sewn silk headbands. 

This is a satirical comedy which was “a successful attempt to expose some of the vices and follies of the age”.

The themes ranged from love and disease to violence and deceit. I studied different images of microscopic diseases as these have varied and interesting patterns.

I also wanted to use some of the techniques that Trevor Jones used to execute such as the craquelle or paste resist.