The Third Man by Graham Greene

The Third Man

The Third Man by Graham Greene
Eurographica, Helsinki, 1988
Printed by Tipografica Nobili & signed by the author
243 x 174 x 26 mm
Bound 2011
Sold. Private Collection

Unsupported link stitch with a Fraynot hinge attachment. Screen-printed endpapers. Sewn single core silk headbands. Silver leaf all edge gilt.

Reverse transfer onto fair goatskin and hand painted with aniline and spirit dyes. Silver leather onlays for the title. Black and silver foil tooling and line work. 

The screen printed endpapers are a repeated line pattern, in shades of black, grey and white. These monochrome lines represent the quivering zither strings of the infamous 1948 film soundtrack for The Third Man. 

The imagery was taken from a couple of stills from the film. The front board is of Harry Lime, the protagonist, trapped within the sewers of Vienna. The backboard design is of Holly Martins approaching The Great Wheel of the Prater Amusement Park, Vienna (which is still there and working!).