Jost Amman’s Cuts of Craft Workers

Cuts of Craft Workers

Cuts of Craft Workers by Jost Amman
Introduction by Veronica Speedwell
Incline Press 2008
200 x 132 x 15mm
Bound 2009

Unsupported link stitch with a Fraynot hinge board attachments. Secondary sewing. Single leather core silk end bands. Top edge hand painted, remaining edges deckled. Dyed natural calfskin with offset relief printing. Multiple foil hand finishing and black line work. Calfskin leather joints.

Hand printed end papers and edge-to-edge doublures. Finished with a shellac based bookbinding varnish. Book comes with a full cloth drop back box lined with Suedel. A leather label on the spine.

The design was inspired by the 63 woodcuts of craft workers from the 16th century within the book. I considered my own craft and the tools that I use.

I made observational drawings of each tool and these images were used not only for the end papers and doublures but were also used for the cover design. Once the book was bound I then highlighted the printed tool imagery with black line and foil work.