Barcelona and Birthday Boxes

Miniature photograph boxes

I love taking photographs. This digital age has allowed us all to be somewhat prolific in capturing moments and events. We now store all of our imagery on our hard drives. How sad is that?! 

I am guessing that most of us have in the past, when having come across a shoe box of old photos or an album have sat and lost an hour or so reminiscing and remembering whilst flicking through them? 
Most things digital deprives our senses. Photographs through the ages possess different qualities; they feel, smell and look different. They are cherishable. 

These two boxes were created as a thank you to a dear friend. I had the Miniprint photographs (55 mm x 85 mm) printed through a company called Social Print Studios. Each set of photographs (48 in each set) were wrapped in an acid free paper lined chemise. The chemises fit into Suedel lined, cloth slipcases with ribbon pulls. Each of which are contained in miniature quarter leather drop-back boxes, lined with Suedel covered pads. Both boxes have two raised bands with contrasting leather labels. 

These two now sit proudly on her mantelpiece. I hope to keep adding to her collection.