Lost and Found by Hal Bishop

Lost & Found

Lost & Found by Hal Bishop
Wood Engravings by Rachel Reckitt
Published 2010 Edition of 225
268 x 197.5 x 18.5mm
Bound 2014
Sold. British Library Collection.


Bound in fair goatskin and dyed with green and yellow leather dyes. Decorated with mat and metallic foil stencils and line work. Top edge decorated with an acrylic wash and foil tooling. Multi-coloured hand sewn silk end bands. Hand printed and painted end papers with gold foil tooling.


The design is an abstract of the grasses and flowers taken from one of the wood engraving illustrations; a girl lies reading in a meadow, peaceful and content amongst the flowers. It is spring like and warm, the sunshine casts a golden glow and dark shadows over everything with the grasses swaying and pollen dust gently floating.

Maggie Reading. © The Golsoncott Foundation